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New Arrivals - Beauty Sponge Make Up Applicator

New Arrivals - Beauty Sponge Make Up Applicator

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Beauty Sponge Make Up Applicator.

Flawless finish meets perfect coverage

To get the best performance out of your foundation - even application, the right coverage, and a smooth finish - you need the right tool. Ladies, it’s time to update your kit. The VANI-T Beauty Sponge Makeup Applicator is a dense makeup sponge that provides an airbrushed finish and absorbs minimal product, so your favourite foundation ends up on your skin, not your sponge.

Beginners and beauty mavens have embraced the wonders of this humble looking little tool. Our multi-functional makeup sponge can be used with primers, foundations and bronzers for airbrushed results. The large, rounded surface area is designed for stippling and blending over large surface areas, while the contoured tip offers precision blending in hard-to-reach places. 

For super-sheer coverage, add more water to limit the amount of foundation the sponge can pick up. And if you’re needing fuller coverage, opt for a dryer sponge. Foolproof.

How long
Show it some TLC and it’ll last for months

How often
Anytime you want to bring those Snapchat filters to life.

  • Latex Free

How to use:

Step 1: Wet
Wet thoroughly.

Step 2: Squeeze
Squeeze out excess water. 

Step 3: Bounce
Apply product using a pressing, bouncing motion.

Step 4: Protect
Simply rinse and air dry for next time.

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